Often when someone procrastinates, it’s as if part of them wants to do the thing and part of them doesn’t. If we attempt to solve this inner conflict by ignoring some part of us through white-knuckle discipline, pushing away feelings of anxiety, or making part of us “bad,” this can make things worse. Yet if we indulge in being lazy or avoiding the difficult tasks, that’s not a good solution either. We can see procrastination as an unconscious strategy to deal with these unwanted experiences. At it’s root procrastination has a positive purpose, but doing so causes us unnecessary stress—usually far more than just doing it!

Core Transformation can be very helpful in dissolving the inner conflicts and anxiety associated with procrastination, because it works with all parts of you. Seeking to understand the deeper positive purposes for what these parts of you are wanting, you will arrive at a state of Being where the anxiety just dissolves. From this deeper place within, you can simply do what you need to do, this time with all of you on board.

Whether you are procrastinating a specific Big Scary Thing, are a chronic “do it tomorrow” person, or would simply like to be more effortlessly productive, Core Transformation can help you to get things done with less stress and more flow.

Case Studies

Stephen* was in his 40’s and was writing a book, but had several months ago reached a stuck point. He attended a short evening presentation I gave on Core Transformation and signed up for a 1-on-1 session. Unsurprisingly, we found that part of him wanted to complete his book, but part of him did not. The part that didn’t, it wanted to play and not work so much, as Stephen often put in many hours at his non-profit management job. When we went a little deeper with this part, Stephen got very quiet for several minutes and his face broke into a big smile, radiating child-like joy. When we then worked with the other part of him, Stephen became very peaceful and said that working on his book wouldn’t be a problem from this state because writing is play for him. After our one session together he emailed me and said how great he felt. Several months later I ran into Stephen and he said his book was finished and he had found a publisher.

Joe* was a freelancer working on his own business, but was procrastinating “really putting himself out there.” After one session where he reached a profoundly healing Core State with all the inner parts involved, he emailed to let me know that the mental block was simply gone, and he had the most productive week of his life. Since then, his business has been thriving.

In my personal practice with Core Transformation, I have had some of my most profound spiritual experiences of all time working with the part of me that procrastinates. I have experienced a lot of anxiety in my life, and had several painful experiences in my past of failing classes in college because of procrastinating final papers. I still procrastinate on certain things, but I no longer suffer from such paralyzing anxiety and guilt about it, and much more often just get things done. For example, in January of 2011 I submitted my income taxes to the IRS…before they were even accepting 2010 returns! In the past, I have always done them the night before, if not after the deadline entirely. What’s interesting is that I didn’t even do any Core Transformation specifically with procrastinating doing taxes—I just received my W2’s and thought “why not get my taxes done tonight?” Many people have experienced similar far-reaching benefits from Core Transformation.

*While the general stories here are similar to actual clients I’ve worked with, names and some details have been changed to protect client confidentiality, and because I have a poor memory for these kinds of details. 🙂